4SeasonsSpa - The Spa Specialist

4SeasonsSpa creates innovative and professional spa solutions for luxury hotels, spa centers, residential spaces and for the super yacht industry. Spa solutions include elements such as sauna, steam-room, hammam, pools, whirlpools and treatment equipment.

Super Yachts

The project management and precision required to operate in the yacht building industry demonstrate and underline our professional competences. The complexity and level of detailing makes super yachts the premier league to operate in.


Each project is approached with an understanding of the context and on the back of a long standing track-record in every aspect of the Spa. Safety, sustainability, system integration are only a few examples of requirements to achieve operational excellence.


Spa Centers

A pleasant wellness experience is achieved by a concept and design that strikes the right balance between various elements such as routing, lay-out, material, lighting and many more considerations. This creates an atmosphere where guests regain new energy and are able to relax.


In order to create a custom-made private Spa we do not only align the design with the rest of the house. More importantly we try to identify the personal spa experiences that our client is looking for.